Terms & Conditions 

Estimate and Fare Calculation: All rates provided by BlackStar are estimates made based on information at time of reservation. Final charges for the trip are determined upon drop off and\or completion of the ride and will include any tolls, incidentals, parking, gratuity, and adjustments for wait time and extra stops if applicable. Any transfers will charge for any stop over 15 minutes and wait time after 15 minutes.   Hourly service is billed garage to garage.

Cancellation Policy: Late Cancel fees vary based upon the original point of service, location and vehicle type for the reservation. Special Events, City Sell out events, Music Festivals, Awards Shows, Special Sporting Events (SuperBowl, All-Star Games) and Hospitality \ Catering solutions have different cancelation policies noted on those reservations. For Reservations in California, BlackStar requires 8 hours cancellation prior to scheduled pick up on luxury sedans and SUVs to avoid a late cancellation charge of the estimated fare of the reservation. SUV and Luxury Sedans in North America outside of California require 24 hours cancelation. For larger vehicles such as Sprinters, Jet Sprinters, Road Stallion, Mini-Coaches, Shuttles and Coaches, BlackStar requires 72 hours cancelation. All bookings outside of U.S.A. and Canada have a 7 day cancelation policy. All late cancels will be billed for the minimum estimated fare.  

Travel Time: Travel time begins from the time the vehicle leaves the garage and until it returns to the garage following the last drop off.

Aviation: $18 will be charged for all commercial airport pick ups curbside, $35 for inside meet and greet for luxury sedan and SUV class bookings. Larger vehicles may be subject to different restrictions as airports differ nationwide. Private Aviation- Vehicles will be on location at FBO 30 mins prior to scheduled landing or earliest possible landing time stated due to the nature of private aviation. Vehicles will not be released until aircraft has taken off. VIP Greeter Services must be cancelled 72 hours prior to reservation, other special airport services may have different cancelation policies. 

After Hours \ Overnight: All reservations which have a pick up time between 00:00 Hrs – 07:00 hrs local time will incur a after hours fee of $25 per hour on hourly charter and $25 on transfers.

Payments: All reservations must have a major credit card on file, the credit card will be authorized or  charged for the estimated fare up to 14 days prior to the reservation, with any additional charges after the reservation is completed. BlackStar accepts American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Venmo, BTC, ETH and Wire Transfers. 

BlackStar is not liable in the event of mechanical breakdown while on charter. We will attempt to resolve the situation in a timely manner. If a resolution can not be made, the charter will be terminated at the time in which the breakdown occurred.  The client assumes full financial liability and responsibility for any damage to the vehicle caused during the duration of the rental by them or any members of their party. Excessive cleaning fees will be charged for excessive debris, food, glitter left in the vehicle. Smoking fees incur a  minimum of $300 will be assessed for smoking and $750 for each burn to carpets or seats in any vehicle. Sanitation Fee of $750 for any spilled bodily fluids. BlackStar is not responsible for articles left in the vehicles. Vehicles cannot be loaded beyond seating capacity.

Disclosures: Transportation Services provided by BlackStar Executive Transportation, LLC, licensed by the California PUC – TCP 39632-P. BlackStar reserves the right to utilize other trusted transportation companies with appropriate licensing and insurance. This allows us to service our clients globally and when we are sold out in our operated in markets. All contact about any BlackStar reservations, payment, pricing will be handled by a team member from BlackStar, who will also coordinate with a trusted vendor.


 Updated – July 2021