Terms & Conditions

Estimate and Fare Calculation

All rates in reservations or quotes provided by BlackStar are intended as good faith estimates only, based on the information provided at the time of the request. As a courtesy to our chauffeurs, BlackStar includes a suggested gratuity in all reservations and quotes. You may choose to change the suggested chauffeur gratuity at any time.

Airport Flat Rate Transfers - Our site contains our flat fares for the airports we service, if the reservation \ quote booking software does not automatically generate a fare quote the trip will be bill on a hourly rate. Additional charges for travel time, stops, waiting time, parking and airport fees may apply. Airport pickups are subject to an airport pickup fee. Airport transfers are flat rate fares based on point to point service with either pickup or drop off location being an airport. If client requests a stop of longer than 15 mins, the flat rate will void and revert to prevailing hourly rates.

Airport Waiting - Our chauffeurs use industry standard flight tracking software to monitor status of flight times. If client requires more than the 30 mins of wait time which is included, wait time will be billed in 15 minute increments at prevailing rates. 

Hourly rate service is billed garage to garage for pick up or drop off locations greater than 30 minutes away from our garaging location in West Hollywood, CA 90069

Awards Shows - Special Events - Certain awards shows such as The Grammys, Academy Awards, VMA's, Golden Globes are subject to increased minimum hours. Special events such as music festivals (Coachella, Desert Trip, StageCoach), and special sporting events such as All-Star games are also subject to increased minimum hours. Please inquire about your booking. 

Final charges for the trip are determined upon drop off and\or completion of the ride and will include any tolls, incidentals, parking and adjustments for wait time and extra stops if applicable. 

Cancellation Policy

BlackStar requires a 4 hour cancellation prior to schedule pick up on sedans and SUVs to avoid a cancellation charge for reservations in the Southern California. Sprinter limos, passenger and cargo vans require 24 hour cancellation notice to avoid a cancellation charge. For special events & holidays (including but not limited to professional or collegiate sporting events and award shows) extended minimums may apply which require as much as twenty four hours (24) notice to cancel without penalty. Cancellation numbers need to be noted by the client in the event of a discrepancy. The client is responsible to ask for a cancellation number when an order is cancelled. If the client does not have a cancellation number, the client will be billed and will be responsible for the charges. Cancellation charge is equal to airport transfer rate or the minimum hour rate for the class of service booked.

Billing and Deposits

All reservations must have a major credit card on file, the card will not be charged until after the service is provided. Pre-Authorization of the credit card for the estimated fare will occur up to 3 days prior to the reservations. 

Corporate Accounts \ Group Billing = BlackStar can provide group billing for multiple passengers to consolidate billing to one point of contact.  

Deposits - Special Events, Award Shows and new customers are subject to deposits of up to 50% of the estimated fare to secure the booking. 

Extra Services - Event Access, Tickets to sporting events, concerts or any other events must be paid in full prior at time of booking to ensure that the access is confirmed. 

BlackStar accepts major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover)

Cleaning and Damages

Small Spills - $50, Large Spills - $100, Bodily Fluids - $450

Any damages made to the interior of the vehicle will be charged based on the average repair costs from 2 repair facilities. (Dealership, Certified Body Shop, Glass \ Tint provider)


Transportation Services provided by: Black Star Transportation, Inc (TCP 32197-B) and our affiliates which are licensed and insured for limosuine services in their respective state(s).

BlackStar is marketed by XIII XVII Media, LLC. a California Limited Liability Co.  XIII XVII Media dba BlackStar.