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BlackStar Executive Transportation caters to discerning clients who expect exceptional service.

We created BlackStar to be the one stop resource to provide first class chauffeured transportation and concierge services to our clients. Our clients value you their time as do we and understand the value of having a dedicated team they can rely on. 

Over time with growth BlackStar has formed partnerships with companies with similar values as ours, to provide our clients with a exceptional experience every time. To complement our transportation services we have partnered with private aviation companies specialized in private jet and helicopter charters as well as numerous rental car agencies for the times where you want to drive yourself. We have selected operators in many major cities around the world allowing us to provide our same level service in these select markets. We only use network operators in which we know them or they have been referred by one of our trusted partners.

Our team provides unparalleled service handling your transportation needs so that you can relax and enjoy a safe and smooth ride with our skilled chauffeurs behind the wheel. BlackStar chauffeurs are prompt and professional at all times and utilize leading flight tracking and GPS to monitor traffic conditions in real time. 

Reach out to our team members to see for yourself why our clients love us.



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